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Health and Fitness – A shalom Life Interview with Jeremy Diamond

Health and Fitness – A shalom Life Interview with Jeremy Diamond

Jeremy Diamond was recently interviewed by reporter Jordan Mazza from Shalom Life to talk about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in the face of a hectic legal practice.

Here’s a little excerpt about our favourite personal injury lawyer:

How do you interweave fitness and exercise with your fast paced industry?

It is not always easy but I make it a priority. Like anything else you make time. I generally try to go at the same time every day so the staff know that during that time I will not physically be in the office. However if a meeting or something unforeseen during those times, I just make sure to go later or earlier. Worst case scenario I hit the treadmill in my basement. That’s not my first choice but I try to do something every day except Saturday. That is my one day off to rest.

One other point, because I deal with crazy amounts of stress daily going to the gym releases a lot of the pressure. I believe that this is what keeps my blood pressure normal. The exercise is the healthiest way to combat the anxiety you get dealing in a very aggressive and ruthless business.

To read more about Jeremy Diamond, check out his interview here.

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